Over the last decade, total student debt in America has nearly tripled. In fact, student loan debt is now second only to mortgage debt in America, reaching an unconscionable $1.3 trillion. On top of that, more than half of recent graduates can’t find full-time jobs. They lack the job search skills and self-awareness to build their personal brands. 

Enter Fifth Third Bank. With our Brand of You campaign, we teamed up with badass employment solutions company NextJob to offer $1 million in ace job search coaching, helping graduates improve their personal brands and land the right job nearly 3x faster than going it alone.

Let it be known that this campaign was a true hydra. My art director Jason McKean and I took it on solo, mostly because we're masochists and perfectionists. Bad idea. Most time-consuming experience I've had since I first discovered myself in the 6th grade.


directed by Frank Todaro.

"Hold Operator"


Brand of Gina.
To illustrate the importance of personal branding, we found an actual unemployed college graduate, Gina Harrison, and worked to develop her brand. We even gave Gina her very own commercial. Lo and behold, our campaign helped her find a job.

directed by Sam Macon.
"Brand of Gina"


To demonstrate the value of job search coaching and reach millennials on their turf, we hosted 30-second JobTwitterviews (and collected 140-character TwitterResumés), responding in real time with advice from experts.


how-to video.


Graduation Cards.
During graduation season, we sent out brutally honest graduation cards (both analog and digital) to recent grads to let them know the unvarnished truth—and how job coaching could help.


Our comprehensive campaign site was loaded with tools to help recent grads build their personal brands, with tips on everything from improving their resumés to networking to acing the interview.

site landing page.


personal brand-building toolkit.