Since you're already on here judging me, Imma capitalize on your prying eyes and show you what makes my heart smile: great signage. Great signage doesn't always have to be great; it's got to entertain, however, even if that means laughing at it. In fact, I often find signage more endearing when it's unintentionally ignorant or garishly displayed. Because great signage tells a story with its very existence. It makes the world a more interesting place.

Before your keen eyes is an abbreviated collection of signage that I have photographed (nothing pulled from the interwebs). Ever since I minored in Documentary Photojournalism in grad school, capturing stories has been a platonic passion of mine. 

Please read the rollover captions as well; they impart meaning and moxie to each of the pictures. Because let's be honest—reality is all in how you interpret it.

NOTE:  If you're using a cellular telephone, rotate your device 90° to view these in landscape mode. For some unspeakable reason, Squarespace won't show captions in portrait mode; i.e., on displays < 480 pixels wide. Cruel and maddening.