Polling results were disseminated via the hub site, vw.com/whatthepeoplewant, as well as through contextualized online banners, embeddable polls for bloggers, customizable t-shirts and an interactive Times Square billboard—using new technology created specifically for the campaign.
 Users were encouraged to submit their own polls as well. If enough people agreed with their poll, it became “what the people want” and could be seen on customizable t-shirts, web banners and even make it to Times Square. Submission had never been so rewarding.
 Our campaign was also the first to use the ABC SuperSign’s “live interactivity” technology in Times Square. The technology allowed two-way dialogue with passersby via SMS, allowing users to vote on polls from the central site database in real time with their mobile devices.
 All banners used an advanced form of keyword targeting, which matched webpage articles with relevant polls from the database—making them the first ever user-generated banner campaign to be served contextually. This was all done in real time, using an application created specifically for the campaign.
 For the more musically inclined user, we created two online radio stations called “Music for the People.” We then encouraged people to visit Pandora.com to help create the playlists of each station. Consequently, Pandora received one of its highest rates of user submissions ever for these stations.
 Total polling votes passed 3 million. More importantly, Volkswagen saw a 28% increase in test drives. Recession who?
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